No Public Toilet, need to walk atleast Kilometer for nature’s call

No Public Toilet, need to walk atleast Kilometer for nature’s call

NAMSAI, 6th Jan: Recently Namsai has been officially declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) District on 14th January 2017. However, on getting reports of different picture in reality, team Arunachal Today interacted with police Personnel at Police Beat Post situated at 2nd Mile area of Namsai.

Interacting with Arunachal Today, the police personnel on duty informed that Namsai district is really changing and people are aware of ODF now, however due to absence of public toilets sometime people are compelled to take the other way.

When queried about availability of toilets in their Beat Post, he categorically divulged that they have to walk atleast half Kilometer in private petrol Depot or to Police station Namsai which is more than one Km from Police Beat Post.

‘ The presence of Police in this Beat post is   24 x7  and four hour must for each person  but absence of proper toilet is disheartening ,it would be better if authority ponder upon the basic amenities ’  said the personnel on duty.

If Namsai has to maintain the ODF status, administration or concern department needs to construct public utility service in different location of Namsai District.



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