quitting job embraced saffron in itanagar and plunge in bordumsa –Diyun politics keeping eagle eyes for 2019 event.

quitting job embraced saffron in itanagar and plunge in bordumsa –Diyun politics keeping eagle eyes for 2019 event.

By Laxman Sharma:

BORDUMSA March 3: ‘Guided by my innermost political conscience to serve the people at an extensive height and inspired by the saffron ideologies, I have joined the NDA led Bharatiya Janata Party recently and would not spare a single day in my endeavor till I dedicate and secure an assembly seat for my party and bring smiles upon the face of the people Iam determined to represent along with balanced growth and development of the place’ remarked Dana Takyo  the determined new BJP entrant during an exclusive with the Arunachal Today on Friday morning .

Mr Takyo who leaving a secured government services in the post of the District Civil Supply Officer at Itanagar had joined the saffron party during a special programme organized for the purpose recently at the State BJP Office Itanagar in the presence of the State President Tapir Gao and other office bearers and party workers. Mr Takyo who has already prepared his political road map, agenda and vision much ahead of 2019 Assembly Election in the State of Arunachal Pradesh on being asked finally disclosed that he would represent the people of 49 Bordumsa –Diyun general Assembly Constituency in Changlang District in Eastern Parliamentary Constituency of Arunachla Pradesh in 2019 Assembly Election. ‘ Iam moved by the decade long exploitation of the subjects under Congress  regime which represented the place from 1990 till 2014, absence of basic services and amenities  like proper road, electricity, developed education system water, health and sanitations’, regretted Mr Takyo who taking heavily upon the present incumbent  MLA Nikh Kamin at the same time  said that his term almost to an end but the fate of Bordumsa-Diyun people  and scenario of the place remains intact  and grim adding ‘ there is no transparency in the governance, NEC roads almost turned fishing grounds  , no rural connectivity in many remote pockets  marked by absence of electrification’ . according to him, Pema Khandu led BJP Government has immensely revolutionized the state of Arunachal Pradesh in terms of development , clean and transparent system, eliminating nepotism and zero tolerance to corruption but the rays of the revolution is yet to reach this small remote corner of Bordumsa-Diyun which is lagging behind in all aspect.

Blowing his own trumpet of being capable of liberating the people of Bordumsa-Diyun  and working on the maxim ‘who will bell the cat’ Mr Takyo exploded  ‘I will unearth all the departmental irregularities and financial anomalies meted out in executing governmental schemes and infra structural development projects, auditing of accounts of the BDO  as allegedly  demanded by local residents and Panchayat leaders  including awarding of government jobs and tenders, the validity, proceedings and documents of the contractors and firms accomplishing various projects would also be sought for in the interest of the people of the assembly to know the level and status of the development  and the funds allotted along with its utilization ratio which the people must know for the state exchequer belongs to the people of the state’ said Mr Takyo adding ‘the departmental engineers too with allegedly hands in corruption and promoting GST evasion would not be spared after a thorough investigation, auditing and RTI is carried out’.  According to him, files are being maintained intact but the actual progress on the ground is far from what official files say.

While the sources at Bordumsa-Diyun informed that Mr Takyo has been conducting marathon meetings with the local residents much ahead of time, laying foundations to realize his political ends in subsequent days   after winning the confidence of the electorates today. Based at his In-laws resident in Bordumsa, Mr Takyo droving intensively in  Diyun circle for more than two weeks visiting more than 20 villages meeting local leaders  and the way the people at Bordumsa circle too have been  responding  him depicts an unpredictable contest among the other contender who have been equally gearing up for 2019 event.

Meanwhile, Mayong Maio an active Singpho leader of Bordumsa , a local businessman who has also been  the state Secretary of BJP is equally confident of getting party tickets while former congress Cabinet Minister CC Singpho  a newly inducted  BJP state convener  is also hopeful  to represent BJP in 2019 election  from the Bordumsa-Diyun seat. Another in the row, Samlung Mossang the brother of Arunachal cabinet Minister Kamlung Mossang of Miao known for his humility, social and charitable works  is also reported to have started his election calculations to win the favor of the electorates in 2019 Assembly election. There is no denying the fact that with many potential leaders and contenders eyeing upon Bordumsa-Diyun- often considered one of the hot bed constituencies in Arunachal Pradesh, the battle for supremacy would be interesting and widely watched ; what needs to be pondered upon here is the conscience of the electorates and accumulated experiences  against the tall talks and claims, promises and assurance of the power craze political leaders to choose the one that could deliver the best ,meeting the hopes and aspirations of the people.

However, in last 2014 Assembly election, the PPA candidate Nikh Kamin coming from Yachuli constituency brought in 5309 votes out of 15115 and defeating all rivals including CC Singpho the Congress candidate, Mayong Maio of NCP and Sirai Ong Singpho of BJP secured his Bordumsa- Diyun seat by 1328 votes. ‘The three stubborn contenders from Singpho community in 2014 election paved the way for the victory of PPA candidate in Bordumsa-Diyun which must be pondered upon seriously and prepare a clear cut road map accordingly projecting a single Singpho candidate for 2019 battle ‘  warns a leader of the Singpho Development Society Bordumsa.


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