Tame Phassang officially takes oath of office of Mayor -IMC

Tame Phassang officially takes oath of office of Mayor -IMC

ITANAGAR, Jan 29:  Newly elected Mayor Tame Phassang and Deputy Mayor Biri Bassang officially took an oath of office   today at Itanagar Municipal Corporation office. Commissioner- IMC, C Chukhu administered the oath-taking ceremony in presence of Director Town Planning -Likha Suraj , Corporators of different wards and  IMC Officials.

 Addressing the gathering, Mayor –IMC Tame Phassang   urged the Corporators to refrain from any kind of political differences. “ We all here to serve people -we  all are equal, so keeping aside our political affiliation we should now  focus on programme and policies as a team –IMC  which will be beneficial for the denizens of Itanagar Municipal areas’  reiterated Phassang while adding that ‘ in his recent meeting,Chief Minister Pema Khandu has categorically said that irrespective of party affiliation all corporators should now work for the development of Itanagar and state as a whole’.

 “We will make a road map, vision for the betterment of IMC, and if our ‘direction and perception’ is akin then definitely we will succeed in making Itanagar the best capital in the country ‘stated Mayor. He also urged the Officials of the IMC to treat every members equally so that team spirit would be maintained and also to boost the morale of the members.

Phassang further, informed that he will soon hold a meeting with officials of IMC, sanitation workers, and other staff separately so that their grievances and issues would be acknowledged properly for the smooth functioning of the IMC.

Speaking on the occasion, Director- Town Planning Likha Suraj stressed on the establishment of the permanent office of the IMC in a preferred location. He also suggested the newly elected corporations to focus more on creating assets for IMC and revenue generation policies for the betterment of the Corporation in the coming days.

Stating, sanitation is one of the major challenges, the Director also advised the members to proper chalk-out proper plans for a Solid waste management system. He also expressed concern over mushrooming of butchers on highways and Sectors that create an unhygienic environment.

 Meanwhile, IMC also conducted its first Business meeting with the officials and Corporators.


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